Thursday, July 14, 2005

There Are Two Types Of Vacations For Me

The first type is when you go someplace, anyplace but you do not stay at home. Then you come rushing back into town the night before you have to be back at work and you see a weeks worth of grass growth and all the newly sprouted weeds and realize that there's no time to tend to any of it.
The second type follows the same basic guidelines except you get back into town a few days before you have to be back at work. This gives you time to get caught up on all the small things you need to do around the house but never have time while you are at work.
This is the type of vacation we are having at Frick's World this week.
This allowed me time this afternoon to inspect the infrastructure around here. One of the inspections was to go to the grocery store with "The Wife" today. Now to be fair "The Wife" did try to talk me out of this, but insisted. I have not really been to the grocery store on a full fledged "stock the house full of food" trip since we were first married. On that trip I filled the cart with beer and snacks (2 basic food groups)and had not really been invited back since.
Shopping with "The Wife" is basic project management in it's rawest form. First she has a list that is itemized isle by isle, that way she does not have to re-trace any steps. Then correct spacial management comes into play as she stacks each item in the cart, you must contain all purchases in one and only one cart. No just dumping your purchases into the bottom of the cart. Here comes the hard part (for me) "No Impulse Purchases" as I stare at all the cool foods we never seem to buy.
The women in the store were in full tilt "Hunt and Gather" mode, I had one lady pass my cart (I guess I was shopping to slowly) and clip my heel with the front of her cart, sorry bitch.
The last part is jockeying the cart into the shortest line. These women turn on their competitive edge for this part, no weak "Where is my Dr. Phil" women present here.
I had one lady jump in front of me, "No cuts" I muttered under my breath, well she must of heard me because she said "What are you in 3rd grade".
Man I'm glad I get to work in the yard tomorrow.

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