Friday, July 29, 2005

ICE Could Save You Life

Here is one for all the road warriors "LINK".
Program emergency information under the contact ICE in your cell phone. ICE "In Case of Emergency" how simple. We all have our home number programmed in our phone it may be listed under home, house or even "The Wife" and not always easy to find, this would give emergency crews a standardized way to help you in case your unconscious.


Rob said...

If you want to list further contacts in case of an emergency, make them ICE2, ICE 3, etc. To avoid problems with finding numbers, make the primary contact ICE and then the name, and for all others, put the name first, and then the ICE designation. Make sure, though, that it can be read easily by someone scrolling through the phone book in your cell phone.

Taking a copy of one of the major articles about this to your local EMS and police is also a good idea so that they'll know about it if they haven't been told already.

Frick said...

God ideas Rob