Sunday, July 17, 2005

At My Age I Should Know Better

Last night we loaded up the members of Frick's World (minus one) and headed to "SD's" for a good old fashioned cook out. Kabobs & ribs there's nothing better. "SD" opened his humidor and broke out an Arturo Fuente for him to enjoy as he manned the 60,000 BTU powered grill. While he was cooking I immediately became fascinated with his cigar torch lighter (fire, fire, fire), remember the word torch it will become important in just a moment. This lighter was "Mack Daddy", it had lights that blinked when you used it, in other words it was designed to appeal to my type. Anyway I remembered an old trick I used to perform (it always used to impress the ladies, if you know what I mean) where you would cup your hand, barely press the tab on the lighter and fill your hand with butane then firmly press the tab to create a spark and your hand would ignite for just a second till the butane burned up. Kind of like a poor mans David Copperfield. I decided to break this trick out once again. I filled my hand with butane and pressed the ignition tab and now back into the picture comes the torch part of this scenario. I never really got the chance to see if my hand filled with a flame because I immediately began to smell burning flesh, my flesh. It seems that torch part of the lighter decided that my finger was just as good as any cigar and that's where it decided to plant it blue flame of destruction. Several moments latter I saw what you see above. Yeah I know Mom this was pretty stupid and I don't think it impressed any of the ladies.

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