Sunday, July 24, 2005

Getting Lucky In Kentucky

"“Goose"” has returned safely from Camp Robinson. The 3 hour ride to pick her up was divided between listening to the Mommycast and quality husband/wife conversation.
The wife asking such questions as "If I died would you get married again?" and me asking "Does anyone need to stop and go to the bathroom?"
The conversation (as it always does) eventually got around to the differences between men and women. As always we both were passionate about our points.
The Wife - Women are more focused.
Me - Men are better at multi-tasking.
The Wife - Women stick with a proven thing.
Me - Men are willing to try and accept different things.
ect.... etc...
Being the fair and accommodating husband that I am I decided to do some internet research and I was able to come up with examples to support both of our points.
Believe it or not it all comes back to food and the food pyramid.



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