Friday, July 15, 2005

The End Is Near

Spent some time watching ESPN this morning and noticed that cialis is now a major sponsor for Bassmaster and their tournaments. Now it was one thing when Viagra started endorsing Mark Martin. We could all hear the announcer "The Viagra car hits the wall hard" or "The Viagra car is running straight today".
But come on now we are dealing with fishermen. These guys are up at 4:30am out to the lake focused on nothing but fishing. They don't need any kind of a pill that could compromise that focus. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a boat with some guy that has downed 4 or 5 of these pills and wants nothing more than to get back to the dock, or worse he turns his affection towards you. One of the possible side effects is having trouble seeing the difference between the colors blue and green. For a fisherman this is no good how can they tell the difference between a bluegill and a bass, after all it is a bass tournament. There is also that whole 4 hour side effect (priapism) to take into account.

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