Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Manly Man’s Night

The whole Southeast regionional contingency has spent the last few days in New Jersey. The other evening we pilled into our rent-a-wreck for a night on the town. We started with a 5-alarm gut burning meal at the local Mexican joint, served to us by one of the local senoritas. Afterward we loaded or bloated bodies back into the rent-a-wreck and motored up the interstate to "JR’s cigar" and good time emporium. JR’s has a walk-in humidor that stands 30 feet high and takes up half a football field of New Jersey scenic real estate. Giant clouds of mist spewed from the ceiling mounted humidifiers every minute or so, leaving you with the feeling that you were standing in a rain forest. I have had maybe 3 or 4 real cigars in my life and with that I will gladly admit that I know nothing about cigars except that Clint Eastwood and The Sopranos have been known to partake on occasion. Well let me tell you this place is sensory overload, racks and racks, tables and tables of cigars littered the room as the smell of freshly cured tobacco freely roamed around us. After the gents made their cigar purchases we sauntered our way into the cigar bar where we consumed pints of "Guinness" and ice laden glasses filled with "Wordford Reserve" (Kentucky Best sippin whiskey). The evening grew late, and as the lights dimmed our conversations turned to honor and world affairs. All in all it was a Manly Man’s Night.

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