Saturday, June 03, 2006

Who Says The Internet Is Safe.

What kind of idiot buys a computer and willingly – even eagerly – exposes it to all the malware and viruses he can? Me. I bought a Dell Dimension B110 ($468! Cheap!) and tried to kill it for more than two weeks. I clicked on every pop-up and downloaded the gnarliest porn, gambling, and hacker files I could find. It seems our Internet overlords are sterilizing spam. If I were to treat my body the way I treated this computer, I’d have yellow fever, bird flu, and Alzheimer’s. But the Dell? Eh. Somewhat the worse for wear.

– Steve Knopper "LINK"

This guy should have just hung out at My Space, he would have been a lot safer.
"H" does this kind of stuff all the time, that's why there are things called "images"

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