Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another Life Lesson

I was in my hotel room the other night when I realized that I had run out of Q-tips. No Q-tips means no eargasm, Damn it's been at least a week. I run out to the nearest store and grab the store brand of Q-tips and head back to the hotel. I ram one of these cottony soft beauties into the ear canal and the soft cottony part just comes apart and then I realized I broke the universal rule that states "There are somethings that you cannot substitute the store brand for" and this is a rule that I had broken and was now being punished for.
There is validity to this rule and below are just some of the things that I personally have found that you cannot substitute a store brand for.
Q-tips (duhhh)
Pop Tarts
Kraft Mac and Cheese
Kingsford Charcoal
Batteries (AAA especially)
Uni-Ball pens (color red)
Post It Notes
Mayfield Ice Cream
Duncan Yo-Yo's
Edge Shaving Cream
Oral-B Dental Floss
Hanes Underwear
Maybe I'm high maintenance, maybe not......................

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