Friday, June 16, 2006

Geek By Design

I love cuff links and wear them whenever I chance. When your a male there's not many choices for spiffing up a suit it's either a tie or, a different tie, so I rely on ties and cuff links to handle the spiffing task.
I was reading on "Geek Technique" where Mark had lost his cuff links and managed to fashion an on the spot pair using a couple of RJ-45 connectors, sweet.
Well never being one to have my own original ideas I quickly decided that I had to have a pair.
I threaded a couple of connectors and added a loop for some flair and crimped. Then I sacrificed an old pair of cuff links that I had (from one of those shirt/tie combinations that I seem to get on Fathers Day, I don't wear purple shirts). Removed the post from the back side. Added a bit of super glue to fasten the post to the RJ-45 connector and bam I've got a spiffy new set of links. Thanks for the inspiration "Geek Technique"
I need a camera that takes better macro pictures................. Hopefully you get the idea.

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