Saturday, June 17, 2006

Get You Laugh On

With spending so much time on the road one of the things that makes the time go by is listening to "Podcasts". I subscribe to a dozen or so, tech, music, food, comedy a somewhat varied diet of road entertainment. Usually I place 10 or so on the "MP3" player and then burn the rest to a CD for driving during the week, for whatever reason these thing seem to keep me sane.
This last week I was treated to 3 hours of the funniest material that I've heard in a long time. It came from the "Croncast". Kris (with a K) & Betsy's summer vacation from hell will leave you in stitches. Even if you have never heard these two before you will be able to relate because we've all had a vacation that has suddenly turned left on us.
You can listen on line or download the shows, the choice is yours. Start at Act 1 and work your way through to Act 3, Act 4 should be up on Monday.

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