Monday, April 24, 2006

No Wonder There's So Much Desert In Australia

Australia and Xbox Break World Water Balloon Record

About 50,000 water balloons are thrown to celebrate the record-breaking launch of the Xbox 360 console in Australia.

SYDNEY, Australia ,— April 22, 2006 . More than 2,900 gamers from around the world staged the world's largest water balloon event in Australia today. The Water Balloon Challenge, held on Sydney'’s Coogee Beach, celebrated the record-breaking launch of the Xbox 360™ console in Australia and raised money for a local lifesaving group.

Now shouldn't the Microsoft cats be busy working the bugs out of Vista instead of filling up and then throwing water ballons, even if it some kind of a record?
Who held this record previously and why had we never heard of this record before today?
What I'm waiting for is Microsoft to declare filling up water ballons as a new industry standard and then we can all justify coming late to market with products.

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