Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm A Changed Man

I spent the last couple of days in "Mooresville, NC" which is Race City USA in case you were wondering. Ate dinner with "CB", "JB" and his better half at "Hero Japanese Steak House".
Now I don't speak fluent Japanese but every time I've seen Hero spelled it's always been Hiro, with an i not an e, oh well.
After dinner "JB"promised us a life changing experience, so the next thing you know I'm standing there with a can of Crisco and a set of jumper cables, no just kidding.
"JB" tells us we have to watch this 1991 PBS special titled Dancing Outlaw. A 28 minute retrospective about Jesco White the mountain dancer from West Virginia. This is an absolutely amazing video and you will be a different person once you watch it. Again, this is 28 minutes in length so allow yourself time for the whole video.

Here is a site "Julie Scoggins" that has links to both videos "LINK"
If you scroll down the page and there is a link for an update on good ole' Jesco.
Here is a link to the Google videos "LINK"

Click here for "Send My Niece To Kenya" Please...............

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