Sunday, December 04, 2005

What Has 128 Beige Legs & 2 Black Legs?

It's the Gwin Oaks Chorus, 64 singers in beige pants and 1 in black pants. One guess as to who the 1 black panted singer was, yeah, your right "H". Unfortunately we can't blame him because the attendance sheet clearly states "Chorus shirt and beige pants". Oh well, we just had him meet us at the car so no one knew that we were the parents who either couldn't read or follow directions.
And why after attending 9 years of school sponsored events can I never get a seat in the front row or even close to the front row. These parents must show up 2 hours early for some of these events.
Oh yeah I almost forgot I got to sit behind Little Hunter. 4 years old and a perfect candidate for ADHA or ADD or what ever they are calling it this week. The above picture was the only one with out Little Hunter's melon in it. This boy was up and then down, smiling then crying, quite then talking, so what do the parent do? Buy him some cotton candy, way to go Mom and Dad.

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