Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ornament or "Pornament"?

I'm hanging around this morning when "CB" comes bounding in with his contribution to the annual Christmas (that's right it's Christmas not holiday) spirit. It's was a sad sack of a tree, decorated with a lone ornament. "Hey "CB" what gives with the single ornament?" I utter. CB bounces back "Ornament? " "What ornament?" "That's not an ornament, that my bald friend is a PORNAMENT."
We are under the belief that someone at the ornament design company made a prototype as a joke and somehow it made it to the production line, overseas and down the street to the local holiday discount store, but that's just our belief.......

por·na·ment (po´rn-mnt) n.
Something that decorates or adorns; an embellishment visable to the naked eye
2. Any adornament that makes me laugh
3. Something made in Taiwan of a sexual nature that Americans unwillingly purchase


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