Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm A Quitter

Today as I write this I have been tobacco & nicotine free for 100 days. The first 100 days in the last 13 years. The first few weeks were the worst and I was for the most part a giant pain in the ass, but somehow friends and family lived through it.
I did not tell anyone of my "Quit" for the first month or so for fear of hearing people say "We are so proud of you" or "Blah, Blah, Blah" (add your favorite Dr Phil line there) and that would just fuel my anger and frustration. I'm past that point and angered and frustrated about other things now.
One thing that helped me out was the site "QuitSmokeless". I spent a lot of time lurking around their message board before actually signing up and posting anything. Was I afraid of putting a commitment down in writing, maybe, maybe not, but the site did help. If your looking to quit you might want to check them out, They'll welcome you and help you as you start and continue your journey. The decision to stop is yours and yours alone, no one is going to force you to quit just like no one forced you to start.
A very similar board to that of "NGTO", everyone is there for a reason, something that's important to them. It might be a something that no one else understands, but we have a place to talk about it, fight about & brag about it.
It's a community, a community filled with people that share the same passion and desire, that help and support each other through the easy times and the rough times.
So here's to the next 100 days and the 100 after that....

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