Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Think I'm Done

I Think I'm Done. With Christmas shopping that is. The kids and I finished up the last bit for "The Wife"/"The MOM" this morning.

I was listening to Mark's "TravelCommons" Podcast on my flight back from Memphis this week. He was talking about having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit and you what I'm with him on it. I'm been in at least 4 airports in the last 2 weeks and not a single one of them had any Christmas decorations up. The "Holiday Inn" in Jackson, TN I stayed at was sporting a huge Christmas tree in their atrium, but that didn't seem to help. It's also the first year that Santa Clause won't actually be coming down the chimney to deliver gifts since the kids are getting older, so maybe that's playing into as well. Of course it could just be that seasonal depression, I wonder if there's a pill for that..................

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