Friday, December 23, 2005

Alternative Medicine?

Even wonder why you Indian neighbor's yard is over grown with weed? It could be that they are using the weed killer to treat cancer patients. "LINK" Maybe you never know.......

Just a few blurbs from the article:

The clinic's Web site says it provides "safe and effective, nontoxic, scientifically based alternative methods that can cure or control most cancer and other chronic disease."
If you wind up dead from the weed killer does that count as curing cancer?

Shanthaveerappa and Bartoli did not immediately return telephone calls Tuesday night.
Well maybe they were at Home Depot or Lowes restocking the medicine cabinet.

Here's the next big medical breakthrough since "Drain-O" cleans out clogged pipes maybe it will work on clogged arteries.

Next time I'm at the local garden center I can have someone look at this mole on my neck.

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