Saturday, December 10, 2005

Happy Birthday To "H"

Well contrary to "H's" belief he did not die because he was forced to wait till 4:00pm for his Birthday party. We loaded up the locals and headed out to play lazer tag at "QZar"
"H" managed to land a Game Cube, so now he can no longer claim to be the only kid in the world, no make that the whole world without a Game Cube. He also received several "Nerf Guns". They weren't un-wrapped 2 minutes before someone started firing darts at the cats.
After lazer tag the boys headed over to the arcade and took turns on the machines of dreams and chance. "H" traded in his tickets for a switchblade comb, the chances of it ever making contact with a piece of hair is none and less than none. I can't figure out why an 11 year old needs hand cuffs, but apparently they do.
The excitement level kicked back up as they headed in for their last game of lazer tag.
And here is "Goose" sucking up, as usual to "The Wife"

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