Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mid-Week At Fricks World

"NF" has requested some of my bandwidth to post a shout-out to his Mom and Dad
Dear Mom & Dad
Thanks for letting me spend a few days at Fricks World. Things are really cool around here. As a matter of fact this morning we got to zoom around ridding the city of evil doers. These blue tights are a little bit binding.
After we were done with that I started to get hungry. Mr Fricks World took me for wings, for some reason Mrs. Fricks World said she wasn't very hungry. Too bad cause the food was really good and I mean really good.
After our lunch settled we set out to have some real fun. I think I have found my true calling, and all this time you guys thought I was a clown. I guess I proved you guys wrong.
All fun and no work makes Jack a dull boy is what Mr. Fricks World always says. That must be why he found a few odd jobs for me to do while I am here. I really think it's because he's afraid of heights. Well that and he doesn't have to pay me anything.
After all that work I was once again really hungry. Mrs Fricks World wouldn't let us go get wings again, I don't know why. She fixed me a burger but for some reason didn't fix Mr Fricks World anything, maybe she's mad at him.
I am getting to camp out in this big old room. They even let me jump on the bed and no one yelled at me.
I even got to stay up a little bit later than usual. But don't worry Mom and Dad it wasn't that late as you can see by what Mr Fricks World wrote on my diaper.
Thanks again for letting me stay here. I heard that you might be bringing me home a new baby brother, that would be cool, just so long as he's not too big.

Love "NF"

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