Sunday, December 25, 2005

Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards the Un-Armed

Christmas 2005 is winding down. We had lots of food, lots of family and lots of gifts.
One of the families favorite gifts was the "Nerf Dart Tag" and cat harassment sniper set that "H" received. Santa was bright enough to include an extra 50 velcro darts which added to longer missions. I (make that we) did discover that velcro darts doesn't stick to cat fur.

We also learned that "H" looks amazingly like a porcupine after each mission. For as small as he is you would think he would be a lot quicker. Somehow he managed to get shot a whole lot. Even "The Wife" managed to rip off a few rounds at her only son.

As "H" was leaving he was heard to mutter "I'll Be Back"

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