Thursday, August 04, 2005

Take 10 Paces Due North, Then 5 Paces.......

It seems as though "Goose" will be entering the highly competitive world of High School in the next week or so. Being the caring and supportive parents that we are, we participated in the ritual of High School orientation. Good thing we wore tennis shoes, up the stairs, down the hall, out the door, back in another door, down some more stairs, left at the second hallway. Room to room we went, just like the mountain scene from "The Sound Of Music" our own little von Trapp family hike.
I don't think the advisors that put together these schedules have ever bothered to undertake a walk through of these schedules.
"Goose" was pleased that she got a top locker. Lockers are bigger than when I went to school. I figured that there has been an additional 23 years of history and stuff since I graduated so the books are thicker and that requires bigger lockers.

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