Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another Note To Myself

Last night I checked into my luxurious hotel and unpacked for a grueling one night stay. As nighttime drew near it was time for my nightly hygiene routine of floss, brush then rinse, always the same never changes although my dentist might argue the consistency of this routine. I opened my DOP kit to grab my brush and paste and came across a hotel shampoo bottle without a cap on it. I didn't give it much thought I just figured I was in a rush leaving the last hotel and grabbed any and everything in the bathroom as I made a hasty exit towards the complimentary continental breakfast. Well this thought would come back to haunt me in just a matter of moments. I flossed then applied some plaque buster toothpaste, ran my loaded brush under the faucet and began a' brushing. All of a sudden I was experiencing a new and odd taste. I looked in the mirror and saw bubbles escaping from the corners of my mouth. Not the normal rabid dog bubbles that toothpaste produces, but nice round floatable bubbles that soap produces, no wait make that shampoo produces. Apparently the gentle handling that my luggage received at the airport was gentle enough to remove the cap from my shampoo bottle and dump 2.1 oz. of shampoo onto my toothbrush. I guess my teeth are now as clean as my hair.

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