Friday, August 19, 2005

Poor Charles

Hey Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr. you get the dumb-ass of the week award. Apparently dude tried to board a plane with a pipe bomb (that was built for fun) that he forgot was in his luggage.
Now lets look at that last sentence. A pipe bomb that was built for fun, now I enjoy fun as much as the next guy, but fun for me runs along the lines of oh' lets see maybe spending the day fishing, having a couple of cold beers while grilling out or hanging with the Frick's World clan. I guess to each his own. Next Mr. Einstein say he forgot the pipe bomb was in his luggage. I travel a fair amount and for the most part I live out of a suitcase during the week but I have never mistaken a pipe bomb for lets say a can of shaving cream as I was in a rush to pack. Oh' I'm sorry Mr TSA Government Employee I was in a rush to pack and must have accidentally grabbed this pipe bomb off of my dresser. Here is a "LINK" to the story.
I think at a minimum Mr. Rocket Scientist should lose any frequent flyer miles for this trip and be forced to be the last person to board any flights he might take in the future.

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