Friday, December 24, 2004

Quiet Time Around the House

I enjoy the early mornings, the house is quiet and warm and I have control of the TV remote. We are running up to Clarksville for the day to celebrate Christmas with the family. This will be the first Christmas since I have been married that we will spend at my parents house.
I broke away from work early yesterday to finish shopping, it was the world of lost and clueless husbands out on the road. Us husbands just go store to store look pathetic and stare at the displays and have no idea what to buy.
I have once again pulled off my "I can guess what's my presents are" trick. So far I have correctly guessed a new dress shirt (the French Cuffs gave it away), First season of Seinfeld DVD (easy one to guess) and of course a staple of Christmas JELLY BELLY jelly beans, which is the greatest candy ever made. Every year I can guess what's wrapped and under the tree and every year I nail most of them correctly.


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