Saturday, December 11, 2004

Christmas Has Come To Frick's World (early)

As you well know we have been having fridge problems the last few days. The repairman showed up this morning only to tell us that the compressor in our 2 year old fridge is dead. Thankfully the only piece in the fridge covered by the warranty is the compressor. Now for the un-thankful part, Mr. Repairman said that it will be sometime next week before he can get a new compressor. The wife is now losing her mind ( I can't blame her, she was doing such a good job at it that I did not feel the need to join in). We have already spent $60.00 on dry ice trying to save $40.00 worth of food. Before we could come up with a plan for our quickly warming food Mr. Repairman calls back to tell us that his dealership is not a certified service depot for our fridge's manufacture. He could still fix it but we would have to pay for it. Yeah Mr. Repairman let me think about this for a moment I could give you a big fat check for an item that is covered under warranty. Thanks but no thanks and by the way have a Merry Christmas. Oh course Mr. Repairman neglected to tell us that they were not authorized when he was here in October and had to charge us for the first repair.
The wife phones the manufacture and gets the number for a local authorized repair center. These guys are closed till Monday. At $20.00 a day for dry ice it was decided to cut our losses and purchase a second fridge for the garage. We have wanted a second fridge for a while I only wish that the decision to buy one did not have to be made in less than 3 minutes.
So Merry Christmas kids, your present is in the garage with a big red bow on it. Now you know why Christmas has come early to Frick's World

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