Friday, December 10, 2004

6 X 175 = 950

The Christmas tree has landed at Frick's World
950 lights and 18 years worth of ornaments. This is the best tree ever (we say that every year). The tree actually sat in the base straight on the first attempt. The tree/tree stand process usually results in me ending up with a headache.
We only had 3 bad strings of lights. What happens to the lights over a 12 month period while sitting in the basement that causes them to quit working is one of those great mysteries of life.
My general Christmas light theory is as follows: when Christmas is over throw all the lights out with the Fricking tree, then go to the local Walmart and buy new lights during the after Christmas sale for around $1.00 a box. Now every year you have new lights that are guaranteed to work.
Sitting here the aroma of pine is starting to fill the room, its starting to smell a lot like Christmas.
"H" has his first basketball game of the season in the morning followed by his birthday party which includes a trip to Dave & Busters. Sunday entails the relatives coming in for yet another birthday celebration. "H" is going to be so jacked up on sugar he won't know whether to scream or eat a banana.

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