Thursday, December 02, 2004

MSN gets into Blogging

MSN Spaces has entered the blogging arena
I spent some time checking it out. All the blogs have the same look and feel. It looks like you have to use MSN's template, no chance to express yourself. Not that I am any kind of emerging web artist, but if you give me access to a template I will eventually figure out some way to make it my own. Besides I don't want to give up my URL and leave people wondering why Fricks World packed it in and moved.
I spent the day in Cleveland TN at McKee foods. McKee makes Little Debbie snacks. I have made 300 mile car trips on a steady diet of Swiss Rolls and Honey Buns. On the way out I stopped by the Little Debbie Thrift Store I loaded up on $20.00 worth of life sustaining snacks the register total $5.06.
I think my sinus nose thing is working its way back into my system. The wife made me a doctors appointment for Friday afternoon. Now I can hear the doctor tell me to loose some more weight. Hey Doc I know how I can lose 170 lbs real quick, I'll can get a new doctor.

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