Sunday, December 05, 2004

Better Living Through Chemistry

After being on antibiotics for only 2 days I am feeling much better. I even managed to walk 3 miles on the treadmill. Why can't we sell low level antibiotics over the counter?
We celebrated advent to night. "H" did the best he could reading from the King James version of the bible. The wife has the house just about decorated for Christmas. The arrival and installation of the Christmas tree will take place next week end. This is always a fun time as I manage to shove a 5" wide tree through a 3" wide door. Then the battle of getting the tree straight begins.
If your are using programs like SharpReader for reading RSS/Atom feeds, here is the link for Frick's World. I use SharpReader which is really easy to set up, you will need to load the .Net framework for SharpReader.
"H" had his first basketball practice yesterday. He has the same coach that he had 2 years ago. It looks like another great season is ahead.
"Goose" will be performing with the orchestra tomorrow night at the local high school. I think they are calling it a Winter Performance instead of using the word holiday or Christmas so as not to offend anyone.

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