Thursday, December 09, 2004

My $13.00 Solution

I have a relatively new laptop and the other day I noticed that I was down 10 Gigs of free hard drive space. I started poking around and found that I had 10 Gig of MP3's and another few Gigs worth of digital photos and of at least 2 Gigs of PowerPoint files. Since my music & pictures are not technically "Work Related" I figured it was futile to asked them to buy me a new bigger hard drive. I was at a dealers the other day and their IT guy was loading up his iPod with a USB hard drive, he said he took one of his old printer hard drives bought an enclosure and BAM he had a 10 Gig USB place to store his tunes. The cobwebs in my brain started breaking loose and I thought I have an old laptop hard drive I might be onto something. Well I found an enclosure for $13.00 and have managed to free up a bunch of hard drive space. Not bad for $13.00 of course I have to forget the $1700.00 that was spent on the laptop from which the hard drive came from.

Its now the wife's turn to be sick. She is bundled up on the sofa under the fleece blanket sedated from the antibiotics the doctor prescribed.

The fridge is on the fritz again. It's only been 6 weeks since it was repaired. I have $20.00 worth of dry ice shoved in it, trying to save the food that's in it. The repairman will be here SOMETIME Saturday. Of course we have to be here for "The Call" when they give us that oh so valuable 2 hour window in which they will be here. When the wife called the repairman, they actually tried to talk her into calling someone else.

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