Friday, November 25, 2005

With The Holidays Here, It's Time To Take Care

We are going to dispense some job safety information (OSHA would be proud) this morning. This information is to serve both the participant and then the one who has to clean up the mess.

Confessions of a photocopier repairman

Photocopier supplier Canon is warning customers to take better care of their office equipment during the Christmas period, claiming that the festive season traditionally leads to a 25 percent hike in service calls due to incidents such as the classic backside copying prank. "LINK"

Having spent a year or two in the office equipment business myself I can attest that such tragedy does strike and it usually involves booze and the phrase "Hey, you'all watch this"
Although I have never had to clean up a "pressed ham" accident I did receive a service call one time for a young lady that had been on a radical weight lose program. She was removing a jam from the machine when due to the significant weight lose her wedding ring slid off her finger and into the copier. We managed to retrieve her ring and I suggested eating something with a bunch of salt in order to get her fingers to swell and lock that ring back on her bony digit.

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