Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

All of us ventured out for a day of "Feeding & Fueling The Economy". "H" bailed on me and went to the movies with his Aunt, so it was basically me and "The Girls"
I found this little gem at "Linens & Things". An AM/FM/CD player for the shower which includes a fog free mirror and get this an alarm. Then I look closer and it has a snooze button on it. I can understand getting drunk and passing out in the shower (been there, done that, got a t-shirt) and having had the foresight to have set the alarm the evening before. I just don't get actually having to have a "Snooze" button, much less being able to use it in a drunken stupor the morning after "Maybe if I just get another 10 minutes of sleep I will wake up sober"
"H" finally caught up with us for the afternoon round. After a couple of hours of shopping I found him huddled by the magazine rack cold and shivering.
"H" and I found a slot track at the mall and managed to run a couple of races, the old man won.

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