Saturday, November 19, 2005

Now There's An Odd Job

Everyone knows of my general dislike of squirrels. I just don't see where they add any real value to, well anything.
"Flash005" over at "NGTO" posted this little gem on how to make a little extra spending money for the holidays.
It seems as though "Mepps Lure" has a program that pays up to 26 cents per tail (that would be a premium tail). For 1000 tails that's $260.00.

NOTE: Mepps is only interested in recycling tails taken from squirrels that have been harvested for the table. We do not advocate taking squirrels strictly for their tails.
I guess this is for the PETA folks, I wonder what the policy is on road kill squirrels?

See there is a use for squirrels, dead squirrels.

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