Thursday, October 09, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Remember earlier in the year when we were informed that a Kansas women had been sitting on her boyfriends toilet long enough to fuse her backside to the toilet seat?

Well you ain't gonna beleive this

Beau of Woman Stuck on Toilet Wins Pot
posted: 22 HOURS AGO
GREAT BEND, Kan. (Oct. 8) - A Kansas man whose girlfriend was physically stuck to the toilet in their home wins $20,000 in the state Lottery, for the second time this year.
Kory McFarren cashed in his winning $2 Bonus Crossword ticket in Great Bend Monday. On July 29, the 37-year-old received six months of probation after pleading no contest to misdemeanor mistreatment of a dependent adult.
McFarren called deputies in February to report that his girlfriend, Pam Babcock, had refused to come out of the bathroom for two years. Authorities found her stuck to the toilet.
Medical personnel estimated Babcock had been on the toilet for at least a month and said the seat had adhered to sores on her body. She was released from a Wichita hospital after several months of treatment.

I bet ol' Kory thought his life had peaked earlier in the year with all the attention his girlfriend managed to drag his way, you realize that it's not everyday that someone forgets to get up from the toilet.
Now we find out the ol' Kory has landed on financial easy street not once, but twice, damn. After this winning streak I wonder if ol'Kory is gonna up and quit his job.

All the cool stuff happens in "Kansas".

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