Sunday, October 05, 2008


What's with all this 100 calorie crap? Same crappy for as before just less of it. If I have a 200 calorie slice of pizza and I eat half of it I've just created a "100 Calorie Mini-slice, Mini-pizza" yummmmm.
Well "The Wife" got nailed by this marketing BS yesterday thanks to Klondike "Slim-A-Bears". Like the commercial says "Who doesn't like a Klondike bar?"

Can you believe that they managed to cram 8 of these monstrosities into this little box?
They remind me of York Peppermint Patties.
Plus it looks just as tasty as it does on the box.

Look at the height of these babies, I'm sure that just one is gonna fill me up.

If the Klondike bear where to eat these I don't think he'd make it through the winter. For me 800 calories later I was full and satisfied.

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