Thursday, May 12, 2005

This One's for Mom & Dad

Growing up I had the fortunate opportunity to go to Camp Ridgecrest every summer for a month, looking back it may have been away to get rid of me for part of the summer. It always made for a great summer lots of hiking, camping and of course if its camp you have to have sing lots of corny camp songs.
Anyways I hadn't checked out their site for a few year so I decided to drop in. A one month session for the summer now costs $2100.00. I hope for a couple of grand the cabins now have air conditioning.
We had lots of camp games (4 square, tetherball, etc....) but the highlight of the summer was the "Sock War" this consisted of dividing the whole camp into (2) teams and then the campers would take their socks and fill them with sand and roam the camp nailing the opposing team with sand filled socks. It was kind of an early version of paint ball. The first few years I was there we filled the socks with good ole' kitchen flour. What we would then do was dip the socks in the lake and in a very short amount of time our socks would harden up like a rock. This made the game even more fun but after a few campers suffered shots to the head they replaced the flour with sand.
With as safety conscious as our society is now they probably have to wear helments and sign a liability release.
Ridgecrest has embraced the marketing machine with both arms, they now sell a full like of clothing, blanket and stickers. Maybe someone will place an order for my birthday.

Down to only (2) hours till my flight

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