Monday, May 23, 2005

Frick's World Needs One Of These

I had a meeting in downtown Washington D.C. this morning. Traffic in D.C. is horrendous and parking is even worse. I pulled into one of the local parking garages and the attendant motioned me in and to drive down several levels. I negotiate "The Rental" down the concrete corkscrew for 5 levels. When I arrive at the bottom there's my new best friend, the attendant from the street. How did this cat beat me down here you may wonder. I'm going tell you. They have a vertical elevator, this was the wildest looking thing I've ever seen. It has this 12" belt running vertical with small foot plates and hand holds and it runs up and down through the floors. You go down through one hole and then ride up through the other. No waiting for the doors to open or 15 people to exit the car, just you and a foot plate. I wonder if OSHA knows about this death trap. Needless to say there are no fat attendants at this garage.

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