Sunday, May 01, 2005

Frick's World Workday

An Iris from the backyard.
The flowers are blooming all through the yard. We spent all day working out back.
"Chamber of Commerce" weather as my Dad has been known to say.
We planted "Knock Out" roses, more hostas, and a variety of seasonal color. "The Wife" and I were sitting out on the deck enjoying the cool afternoon breeze when she says "Hey lets trim the hedge between the our yard and the neighbors". This hedge I am sure has some botanical name and belongs in some Genos family, but I just call it "The Big Green Hedge". I calmly explain to her that "The Big Green Hedge" is at least 12 feet tall and even on a ladder this would be a major chore and would subject me to the danger of falling off a ladder. The reason behind the explanation is that I didn't feel like dragging branches and sticks across the freshly manicured lawn.
"The Wife" quickly counters with "Lets just cut it down to the level of the chain link fence", there goes the lets keep the lawn nice and neat theory. "Hey that will work, let me get the chainsaw" I love anything that involves using a chainsaw. Well 3 hours later and with the hedge half cut, I now know the real name of "The Big Green Hedge" it's "The Let Me shred Your Shins and Thighs With My Stubby Sharp Branches Hedge".

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