Sunday, October 17, 2004

Why Can't I See The Sun

Want to know why. Well I'm glad you asked. I can't see the sun because there are wet clothes drying outside the window, hanging from the arbor, hanging from anything more that 4 feet off of the ground. Well to get to this point in the story lets go back to Friday.
Friday afternoon I get an e-mail from the Fraud Department of our MasterCard. The wife calls them only to find out that some company that we have never heard of is hitting our account for $5.00, $ 9.00, $7.00 consistently. Well since we only buy big ticket items these charges are not from us. To stop this madness we have to close this account and open a new account with MasterCard. Unfortunately they told us that any outstanding balances will carry to the new account. I thought that I was on my way to beating the system.
Friday night after I get home I go down into the basement (The Men's Den) and I notice that some of the cardboard boxes are collapsing. I figure that this was a result of the flood from the hurricane rain (Hurricane Rain sounds like a song). So Saturday morning we decide to tidy up the basement. We start removing the crushed boxes and we notice water standing on the floor. Guess where it was coming from, the water heater is leaking from the pressure relief valve. No big deal I decide to replace it, well I can't because who ever plumbed the house has soldered the outflow pipe to the valve and then run the pipe up into the rafters and out the side of the house. The drain is 5' above the water tank. With gravity being as such I have no idea how the water is going to flow "UP" 5' all I know is that it is dripping onto my basement floor. No big deal 10' of garden hose, a funnel, and some duct tape (Man I love Duct Tape) and I was able to drain the water out through the dehumidifier drain (With all the hose it looks like I'm making Moonshine). Now its time to go though these boxes of water damaged goods, "H" is wanting to keep toys (junk) that has been stored away for the last 2 years. If I can keep this I will play with it everyday, I promise. It is amazing how mush stuff you can accumulate over 18 years. Some of this crap we have moved into 4 different living dwellings, bit you never know when we will need this crap.
Its now Sunday and the wife is doing laundry and she hollers that the dryer is not drying. I go upstairs (out of the Men's Den) and do the normal troubleshooting, Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Is the vent clogged? Well the answer to these questions lead me no closer to getting the dryer to dry. Well what I know about dryers will fit into a thimble and have room left over for all of China. I have watched enough HGTV to know what to do next I remove the back of the dryer and lo and behold there are wires hanging loose in the back of the dryer. Turns out that the Thermostat has become brittle after 14 years of use and cracked at the connector. This is the same connector that the hanging wires should fit snuggly into. So that my friends is why I can not see the sun.

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