Saturday, October 30, 2004

120 psi

Frick's World had another expensive week. As you recall the pressure relief valve on the hot water heater had been leaking & I had rigged up a MacGyver style water removal system that consisted of a garden hose, funnel, duct tape & wire. Well the plumber was impressed with my system but he was there to fix the issue not admire my handy work. The short version is that we have 140 psi water pressure coming in from the street the main PRV was only stepping the water down to 120 psi. Apparently household fixtures are designed for 80 psi. This explains why every time the kids take a shower they are pressed up against the wall from the water pressure. This 120 psi was hammering the hot water heater and caused the prv to fail. All this being said I was not that concerned because I bought American Home Shield to cover expenses like this. Well 120 psi in the house is not with in code and American Home Shield only covers items that are within code. To make matters even more depressing to bring our plumbing up to county code we have to install a back flow water tank.
So far this month the household maintenance tab is:
Refridgirator Starter Relay Switch $180.00
Hot Water & Main PRV & Parts & Labor $350.00
October Total $530.00


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