Wednesday, June 30, 2004

SC Route 178

I made a day trip to Greenville SC for a visit to Furman University (purple, purple everywhere). Anyway I am heading back to frickmanor south on route 178. I am firing through the radio stations as fast as I am driving. I get stuck on AM 1270 somewhere near Anderson sc. They are using all 800 watts to blast our a show called the swap shop. The premise is listeners call in with junk they want to sell. Its like an on air garage sale without all the signs and no strangers rummaging around in your garage asking how much is this how much is that. The best part is you get to say your phone number on the air, this way all the stalkers and freaks can call you at 3:00 am to ask if your refrigerator is still running.
I get to listen to this woman “Tater” or “Cupcake” or some kind of nickname rattle off that she has a diesel school bus, (2) ford rangers (1 needs a transmission), an electric generator for a chicken house and a home brew kit all for sale. This my friends, is the person in the house down the street from you, with all the crap in the front yard that has been stationary for the last 7 years. I was going to call in to see if I could unload the cat for $2.99.


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