Saturday, June 26, 2004

Father son day

Since no one has come buy to pick up the cat we decided to abandon frick manor for the day. The girls went to the movies (chick flick time) so us boys decided to head to the driving range a smash a bucket of balls. "H" looked like a tiger woods junior. If he does become a golfer I will be riding his gravy train just like earl woods did to tiger. We then dropped by the book nook to browse the used book racks. I finally got around to buying Jack Welch's book and for only $6.00, i hope that all the words in it aren't used up for such a cheap price. "H" loaded up on comic books. We booked from the nook and headed to Wendys for a salad and a kids meal. We beat the girls back to frick manor and there were no messages on the answering machine offering to take the cat off my dogs hand.

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