Friday, June 25, 2004

Cat For Sale Cheap

For those who do not know my dog, cider has a cat actually two cats, Boo Kitty and Zippy. Boo Kitty was abandoned by her mother, and after having lived with her for the past 8 months i understand why she left. This cat is the she-devil at the ripe young age of 10 months she already weighs 15 pounds. She is a load, when she hauls butt she has to make 2 trips. Well tonight for whatever reason while we were preparing dinner she decides to jump up 3 feet onto the kitchen island, spin around twice and run out of the kitchen. well in her wake she manages to spill a frosty beverage and knocks a brand new box of pepperidge farm fish onto the floor, which the dog promptly begins to devour. I think this was actually a highly devised plan between the cat and dog so that the dog could manage a before dinner snack.
Well the ruined box of pepperidge farms fish cost me $2.99 at the store so i figure if i can unload the she-devil for $2.99 i might actually come out ahead in this deal.


Anonymous said...

Boo spilled a frosty one. Banish to the attic.

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