Sunday, June 20, 2004

Honor Thy Father

Today is the chosen day in which we honor our fathers. I for one have been blessed with the best of the best.
While there are times at which I am sure he wanted to beat me like a rented mule he didn't, and after all that he still has his wits about him. He could have beat me for the time I smashed his brand new driver on the driveway, he had owned that set of clubs for less than an hour before I did the damage, but he didn't. He could have beaten me for the time when I was learning to drive and I popped the clutch on the car and smashed into the freezer in the garage, but he didn't. He could have beaten me countless times for loosing his tools, but he didn't.
Its not too say that he didn't put my life at risk at times. Once he had me shimmy up a skinny 50 ft. pine tree so that I could hang up a birdfeeder for him. I believe I was about 4 ft off the ground before I started wanting my mommy, I was 22 years old at the time. Then there was the time when we were at a Georgia Tech football game when he almost started a riot with the whole I TAPP A KEGGA fraternity, It must have been the grease from the Varsity food we ate for lunch.
But in the end he has given me more than I have given him in return. He has given me a solid set of values and life skills that have brought me through almost 40 years of life; He has set an example for me to aspire to in being a father and husband. He has never criticized my choices or decisions but only offered advice and guidance.
While the last year for him has not been the greatest of great, he has managed to be strong and continue to exude a positive attitude.
Dad sorry I can't be with you today but know that my love is reaching up 3200 ft to your mountain hideaway.
I love you.

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