Wednesday, June 23, 2004

No Big Deal

I was supposed to fly out of New Port News, VA Thursday night, but due to plans changing I had too leave this evening. No big deal, I call SKYMILES change my flight plans and they promise to e-mail me my receipt. Move ahead 3 hours my ride drops me at the airport and leaves for Baltimore MD. I walk to the desk and hand them the proper identification and I am promptly told that my flight is not till Thursday night. I then recant my whole schedule change story, no dice, no big deal I call SKYMILES back and over the phone I hear pecking on the keyboard and then they tell me that my itinerary has not been changed. No big deal they tell you that your phone conversations maybe recorded, guess whose conversation was not recorded no big deal, I have another plan I will rent a car and drive to Raleigh NC meet up with SD and ride back to Atlanta with him. Guess what Avis, Hertz, Enterprise are all sold out of cars, Budget has some but none for one way no big deal its back to the phone and SKYMILES guess what I can fly out tonight for $400.00 additional, $400.00 I do not want to buy the plane just ride in it no big deal, I have yet another plan I go back to ticketing/check-in and ask them to put me on standby for the flight tonight, and the guy does it, he puts me on standby for a flight today when my ticket still says Thursday, I can not believe it. Now I sit in the New Port News Crown Room with my fingers crossed to make this flight because the next one is at 5:45AM Thursday. I wonder if I can sleep on a loveseat sleeps oh well, no big deal

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