Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Is Finally Over

I am thinking that summer is now officially over, the kids are all home and have been for the last week or so. We finished up with a family trip to St. Simons for a few days.
With kids you could stay in a ghetto and they'd be happy so long as it had a pool.
We rented bikes one afternoon. "The Wife" nor myself had been on 2 wheels (much less anything that we had to power) in close to 2o years after the first few un-stable blocks we were OK and I refused to wear one of those "Special Education" bike helmets.
I spend a fair amount of my time in hotel rooms and I was amazed at how quickly
the rest of the family were able to trash the bathroom. Only the "Edge" shaving
cream is mine in the above picture.
The standard St Simons lighthouse picture. They wanted $6.00 per person
to walk inside, we settled for the free picture instead.
St Simons has the coolest trees.
The kids awaiting the 18" waves.
"Whale Love" see post below
In four days we never saw anyone catch a single fish.
Solitude on the beach as my pasty white bald head slowly turns red.

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