Sunday, July 09, 2006

NOT A Fricks's World Travel Tip

Man trashes hotel room
Herald Staff Writer

MANATEE - After receiving a hotel bill he wasn't happy about, a man argued
with a hotel clerk and subsequently returned to his room to destroy several
items, according to a Manatee County Sheriff's Office incident report.

The man was staying at the Suburban Hotel in the 7200 block of North Tamiami

At 11 a.m. Saturday, he broke the mirrors and a chair in the room before
creating two holes in a wall in the room. By the time deputies arrived, the man had left the hotel.

OK, OK you are now an adult and no longer in college and on "Spring Break" with your buddies, in a rented Ford Escort in Florida. You can't go around trashing hotel rooms as an adult (unless you are a rock star).
First, I'm sure this genius paid for his room with a credit card, so they have your info dumb-ass.
Second, If he's traveling for work no need to worry about the room costing a few extra dollars. At the bottom of every expense report is an area that says "Comments". Here is where you enter the following "This hotel was the cheapest that I could find and it was located 38 miles from the account". Plus this was in Florida and if you travel on the east coast and stay in Florida, Washington DC, Baltimore, New Jersey or New York you are going to get raped and pillaged by the hotels. That's just the way it is.........


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