Saturday, July 15, 2006

North Georgia Mountain Kind Of Weekend

We did the tourist thing this week with the first stop being Friday night at "Stone Mountain Park" and our yearly viewing of the "laser show".The show starts at dark but you have to arrive early to stake your claim. The kids play down by the base taking frequent breaks to come up and ask us for money to buy cotton candy.

This guy showed up with a wagon, 2 coolers and 4 chairs, a real professional.
As sunset comes the lawn fills up, by dark its sitting room only.The show was exciting as ever lots more fire and fireworks this year.
We hit the road early Saturday morning headed for "Amicalola Falls". After a quarter mile hike or so we found ourselves just 175 steps shy of our destination.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's up the stairs we go.

The required family shot.
We stopped in "Dahlonega" on the way back home. As we left our urban assault vehicle we saw an outdoor wedding taking place. I took this picture just 5 seconds before I hit the panic button on the car alarm, needless to say we made their special day just a little more special.


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