Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And The Idiot Of The Week Goes To

Peter Cook aka Mr Christie Brinkley. If you look up jackass in the dictionary there has to be a picture of Peter Cook. Dude, you were married (I am using the word WERE because I have a feeling that you are so stupid that you don't realize that you are on the way to divorce court in the HOV lane) to possibly the best looking 52 year old woman in the world. There may be another 52 year woman held hostage on an island that no one has ever seen that might put Christie to shame, but somehow I doubt it. After all (and there will be a bunch) of the lawyers are through with you, you'll be broke, childless, womanless and probably homeless but one thing you'll still have will be your stupidity. Yeah, you got that going for you and of course you'll have the memory of once being married to Christie Brinkley. Close your eyes real tight and maybe you can still remember what she looks like. "LINK"


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