Saturday, June 11, 2005

"The Wife" And I Had A Date

The wife and I escaped for a quick date this evening. We dropped by Starbucks before we went shopping. "The Wife" had a Chantico (390 calories, 21 grams of fat and 51 carbs), she said it was like drinking a candy bar, which for her is a good thing.
We wandered over to Walley World for some birthday shopping. Walley World has several U-Scan stations, which in my opinion are fantastic. Of course we (as we always seem to do) got behind someone who had no earthly idea how to use this very simple machine. The U-Scan attendant was required to make several trips over to assist this dolt. How much easier can check out be, big graphical buttons, for crying out loud the machine can speak to you in either English or Spanish. This lady could not grasp the simple concept of after scanning the item you must place it in the bag. Item after item the attendant would have to come over and explain time after time that you have to place the item in the bag after it's scanned. I think that if you screw up twice at the U-Scan you have to place all your items back in the cart and then proceed to the longest line in the store.

At Walley World they now have "Father's Day" displays set up. That's right family next weekend is my day.
It seemed that every display contained some kind of a BBQ cookbook, and there must be some BBQ cookbook rule that states "The person on the cover must hold some sort of a grilling implement in their hands" because on every cover there was our author smiling and holding tongs or a burger flipper.
The other item that these stores think us fathers want is some ugly ass shirt with a sailboat on it. Rack after rack of sailboat shirts, for the love of God I live in the middle of Georgia the nearest ocean is 4 hours away, and besides it's hard to fish off a sailboat. If the work environment was similar to the school yard playground and I showed up at the office wearing a sailboat shirt I would probably get my butt kicked.
When Mother's Day comes around they have displays filled with cool stuff jewelry, MP3 players and the like, but for Father's Day all I'm seeing is ugly clothes and gear that requires me to stand in a cloud of smoke and sweat.

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