Thursday, May 17, 2007

You Scream I Scream We All Scream

Baskin-Robbins Settles Lawsuit Over Pint Containers

SAN DIEGO -- Baskin-Robbins agreed to pay nearly $500,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging its California franchisees shortchanged customers who bought hand-packed ice cream in pint-sized containers that were underfilled, San Diego's top prosecutor announced Tuesday.

The San Diego Superior Court settlement of the consumer protection lawsuit was announced by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, along with the state Attorney General's Office.

"Our office works hard to ensure that consumers receive exactly what is advertised to them,'' Dumanis said. "It's important to hold businesses accountable -- even when it comes to ice cream -- and we will continue to make sure the public gets what it pays for."

The violations were discovered by Weights and Measures officials who performed inspections at 188 locations in 29 counties in California, officials said.

Inspectors purchased 416 containers and found that 343, or 83 percent, of the hand-packed pints were about four ounces short on volume, Dumanis said.

Baskin-Robbins committed similar violations in 1985, and was ordered by the San Diego Superior Court not to advertise hand-packed ice cream as a pint unless the containers were filled to deliver a pint of ice cream by volume, prosecutors said.

As part of the settlement, Baskin-Robbins is required to pay $343,000 in penalties and $148,164 for the cost of the investigation, according to Dumanis.

The settlement contains a court order prohibiting Baskin-Robbins and its franchisees from delivering lesser quantities of its products than what is advertised. "LINK"

One sure fire was to piss off the females members of "Frick's World" is to screw with their ice cream, especially if it's chocolate. Now how did someone with the Weights and Measures division decide to launch this investigation? A couple of theory's, first thought is that the middle aged 300lb type II diabetic needed an excuse for his sugar fix. Second thought is that Mr. Government worker wanted some Rocky Road from his local Baskin Robbin only to find out that they were out and this is his own private vendetta.
You know it's called hand-packed for a reason. People have different sized hands, my hands are so tiny that I can barely hold onto a "Big Gulp". If I'm scooping the ice cream you're going to get short changed.
I wonder who had the utter brilliance to approve this investigation and then how did you manage to spend $148,000 dollars on it, that's over $350.00 per hand-packed container.
And what the hell handed to these 417 containers of evidence? Did the Weights and Measures employees eat it? Are they now going to sue themselves for getting fat from eating all the ice cream? Questions Questions Questions, and it's all about ice cream.